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May 15, 2020

Now that we’re officially in the midst of retrograde season, take time to check in with yourself and the goals you set for the month of May. The Moon shifts into Pisces today, and when you combine that with the energy of Mars’ recent shift into Pisces, today’s vibes will feel more dreamy and fun-loving. Listening to soulful music, making love to yourself or others (virtually or in-person), writing poetry, songs, or vulnerable letters, and taking care of your mind, body and soul should be on your agenda today. You’ve been doing quite a bit of soul-searching this week due to so many planets going retrograde. Today’s vibes are more about listening to your soul without trying to get to the bottom of a certain situation. Get curious about what thoughts, musings, desires and dreams emerge from your consciousness today. And don’t suppress your romantic side if it wants to come out and play. 

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