This morning the Virgo Moon makes harmonious connections with Pluto in Capricorn and the Taurus Sun. This is a great day for grounding yourself, focusing on practical matters, and keeping it real in your relationships. The fact that Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter are all retrograde has allowed you to clearly see which patterns keep repeating themselves in your life. Instead of turning a blind eye, you’re facing them directly and honestly, and you’re ready for a change. It’s one thing to feel like things have to be different, and it’s another to intentionally take action towards making them different. The Universe supports your choices — you just have to commit to making them, step by step. Once the Moon shifts into airy Libra this afternoon, you’ll feel less of a need to control, and more a desire to surrender and flow. Relax, Scorpio. You’re consciously creating the path meant for you.