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March 7, 2019

Take time to rest today, Scorpio. Your mind and heart have been going through an emotional rollercoaster, and after the major transits that took place these past two days, you may feel a bit drained. This is normal. Mercury and Chiron align today, meaning that your mind, body and spirit are getting ready for a major ascension. Let yourself feel whatever’s coming up. It may be tempting to numb your emotions through forms of escapism, and this often happens during Pisces Season. Just make sure that whatever you’re using to fill the void isn’t destructive down the line… If you invest your emotions into your craft and your art, you’ll be blown away by what you create. No matter how you end up processing this deeply sensitive time, know that you are not alone. Millions of humans are also experiencing immense internal and external transformations, and as Scorpios in particular we have the power to overcome absolutely anything. Protect your energy, stay hydrated and well-rested, and cultivate peace and compassion within yourself.

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