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March 24, 2020

Today at 5:28am EST, the Aries New Moon takes place and activates our sector of health and service. This kickstarts a six-month cycle in our lives that encourages us to be reborn when it comes to the way we live on a day-to-day basis. Are you aware of how talented you are, or do you tend to downplay your abilities? What could you bring to life if you didn’t fear your inevitable success, and if you fully stepped into your lane? In what ways can you honor yourself and your body by taking better care of your mental, physical and spiritual health? Take time today to acknowledge the fears or insecurities that previously held you back from committing to your growth and fresh start. Thank them for the lessons learned, and let them know that you’re the captain now. Set intentions visualizing yourself six months from now, during Libra season, living a life so lush, so fulfilling, that every hardship you previously encountered will seem like bumps in the road in hindsight. You’re on this journey to meet your future self. Be grateful for the protection and wisdom you’ve received so far, and open yourself up to receive your new moon blessings.

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