Where Scorpios come to soar.

March 12, 2020

The Moon enters Scorpio this morning, and when you combine that soulful energy with the ethereal energy of Pisces Season, the next 2.5 days will feel like a moody fairytale. If you’ve found yourself consumed with thoughts of what could be, this is a powerful day to visualize them into existence. Re-read the letter you wrote yourself six months ago, during the Virgo New Moon, or think back to where you were at that point in your life, in early September ’19. What got you to this point is the fact that you’ve been trusting your intuition, even if it would’ve been easier to ignore it. So today, tune into what your intuition is telling you regarding the next step in your journey — even if it’s terrifying. Mars in Capricorn is here to teach you how to be patient, driven and tenacious as you manifest ways to turn visions into reality. 

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