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March 11, 2019

Today the Taurus Moon makes harmonious alignments to Neptune, Pluto, the Sun and Saturn. However, it also clashes with Mars in Taurus earlier in the day, so you may feel a pull between remaining in your introverted world, and finding some sort of outlet for self-expression. Profound passion exists within you with Mars currently in your opposite sign of the zodiac. That may be why you’ve been navigating extremes in your life and may have found it challenging to feel balanced. On top of that, Pisces Season is submerging you in a deep emotional state, and you’re still trying to navigate your way through the feelings that are emerging. All of this is to say, you shouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself, Scorpio. Start off the week by making a vow that you’ll do something special for yourself each and every day this week. Repeat this until it becomes a daily habit that you can’t live without.

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