The Moon shifts into grounded Virgo this afternoon, and Venus, the Planet of Love, shifts out of its home sign of Taurus and enters Gemini, where it’ll remain until July 3. You’re going to feel more light-hearted in love, but also more connected to your partner or potential bae. Single Scorpios will find themselves more open to meeting new people, without attaching themselves to expectations of where their connection must lead. Gemini energy activates your sector of merging, and it intensifies your desire to want to know your partner’s innermost thoughts and understand what they’re thinking and feeling. Instead of keeping this desire to yourself, Scorpio, these next few weeks you’ll have to speak it out loud. Let them know you’re thinking of them. Double-text. Send a paragraph. Be willing to receive a paragraph and respond back vulnerably. Opening your heart up to the *right* people will have a life-changing effect on how you give and receive love. Part of your journey is accepting how profoundly you love, and not dimming your intensity out of fear of scaring people off. Venus in Gemini will teach you how to be free as a lover and human, and also how to make sure your needs are acknowledged and met.