This second day of the Leo Moon will feel full of potential, and it’s up to you to decide what you’re going to do with it. The Moon aligns with Venus, which is spending its last day in Taurus. We are becoming more aware of deep passions that exist within us, begging to be acknowledged and committed to. Most of what you want exists on the other side of doing the work. As much as you may sometimes feel anxious or overwhelmed at the thought of actively making your dreams come true, you have to understand that being disciplined in your approach to achieving your goals is one of the most ultimate forms of self-love. Showing up for yourself, even when you can’t see the finish line, is one of the best ways to have faith in who you are and what you have the potential to become. Even if all you do today is send one email, apply for one job, or open your heart up to one person, your day will have been successful, because you felt the fear and did it anyways.