Where Scorpios come to soar.

June 6, 2018

Today the Moon in Pisces harmoniously aligns with Jupiter in Scorpio and Venus in Cancer, making this an emotional and spiritual day. You may find yourself fantasizing about your life, and it may be a bit challenging to focus on more practical matters. Pay attention to the dreams you have had recently, because they’re trying to tell you something. No need to look too deeply into them, but definitely notice the synchronicity or omens that may exist. You may also have a profound conversation with a friend or lover today that helps you feel understood, and vice versa. As much as you may have been trying to keep things to yourself recently, the Pisces Moon is encouraging you to be more open and honest about what’s going on. You’re not the only one feeling such intense emotions, Scorpio, and it’s best not to bury your feelings. Find a healthy way to release them so you can let go.

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