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June 5, 2018

The Moon enters Pisces today, so love and romance may be on your mind. You’ll be thinking about past and current experiences, how much you’ve grown as a lover, and what else you’d like to improve when it comes to how you give and receive affection. When you merge the energy of the Sun in Gemini with the Moon in Pisces, today’s definitely a day to be more free-spirited with your loved ones, and not place too many expectations on them or yourself. Too often, although you rightfully have high standards, you expect people to love you with as much intensity and passion as you love them — and that can lead to disappointment if they don’t express their love in the same way. But your mission is to let people love you in their own way, and learn to understand and appreciate their love language, even if it’s vastly different than yours. Release the expectations, and your life immediately becomes brighter and less exhausting.

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