Happy Gemini New Moon, Scorpio! Gemini energy encourages you to step into uncharted territory and bravely create a new world for yourself, where fun and bliss is your birthright. You’re someone who takes life, and yourself, very seriously. But this Gemini Season, you have no choice but to lighten up. Let life move through you, guiding you to explore new people, new adventures, and new ways of living and thinking. Because this New Moon also connects with Jupiter in Sagittarius, so many new developments and expansive opportunities will come your way these next six months. Understand that this second half of 2019 has the potential to completely blow your mind, but you must not allow procrastination, fear of failure or success, or self-doubt to stop you in your tracks right as you’re gaining momentum. Set clear intentions about where you see yourself by the end of the year, and follow through with bold action. That’s how the magic happens.