Today you’ll find yourself feeling more grounded and whimsical at the same time, Scorpio. The Moon in Virgo is activating your sector of community and technology, encouraging you to be more mindful about the content that you consume, and even more intentional about what you choose to create. At the same time, Mars, the Planet of Action, is getting ready to enter Aries tomorrow night, so these final moments of Mars in Pisces will have you reflecting on all the spiritual and creative growth you’ve made these past six weeks. Mars in Pisces activated your sector of love, creativity and freedom, allowing you to practice the art of opening up your heart, even when it felt uncomfortable or left you feeling vulnerable. Spend time today tracking the ways in which you’ve kept showing up for yourself and others during this eye-opening transit. Now that your ruler Mars is about to enter fiery Aries for the next six months, you’ll feel empowered and driven to take everything in your life to the next level. The glow-up is real, baby.