Mercury, the Planet of Communication, enters Leo today. This activates your career and reputation sector for several weeks. It’s a powerful time to delve into creative projects and let them be seen. The world loves and needs your magic, Scorpio, so stop hiding it. Mercury in Leo will help you think in a more passionate, bold and confident way. You may have been in your feels with Mercury in Cancer, finding it hard to think practically or logically. Mercury’s shift into Leo will motivate you to take action rather than simply be submerged in emotions. It is still Cancer Season, so you’ll continue to be aware of the deep sensitivity that exists within and around you. But now you’ll have the momentum to use your emotions as a way to propel you in a direction that helps you feel seen, respected and adored. This begins once you truly see, respect, and adore yourself, Scorpio. Continue to be your own lover, and fall deeply in love with yourself and what you’re here to create.