We are two days away from the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, and also the start of Neptune Retrograde. It is essential that you use these next two days to recharge your energy, especially after the wildly exciting yet restless Sagittarius Full Moon that we just experienced. As Cancer Season prepares to begin, ask yourself what areas in your life must be tended to with greater compassion and softness. Avoid placing pressure on yourself to have it all together at this time, and let it unfold organically. It would be powerful to spend today in reflection of what your soul needs more of to feel nourished. The first step is admitting this to yourself, and making room for your desires to enter your life. You are at a powerful point in your life where you’re more able to commit to making holistic changes that benefit your mental, financial, spiritual and physical health. Feeling good inside your body and your mind will help everything else align.