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June 18, 2020

This first full day of Mercury Retrograde in Cancer may feel a bit trippy, so try to take it easy and not put too much on your plate. This is particularly because we’re in the dark-of-the-moon phase, which is the period of days before a New Moon occurs, when feelings that we may have tried to brush under the rug come to the surface of our lives. So many emotions and memories from your past may be at the forefront of your mind today, Scorpio. Be patient with yourself and your thoughts, and remember that they’re here to help us better understand ourselves and what we want or don’t want. But they don’t have to define us, so you can let yourself be nostalgic without thinking you’ll never move on. Thoughts are like gusts of wind that come and go as they please, sometimes disturbing your peace but mostly just chillin’ and helping you experience life from different perspectives. 

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