The Sagittarius Full Moon occurs at 4:31am EST, and its mission is to help us see truths about our own worth that we may have previously been blind to. You don’t have to wait to get an external green light before making game-changing moves. You are the light, Scorpio. Turn yourself green. You are the momentum itself, and the Universe is supporting your motion. Start off this week with the knowledge that the vision you have for yourself is there for a reason. If you have fun creating a plan for making that vision a reality, you’ll notice that doors open up abundantly and consistently. This Full Moon can bring to fruition a project or goal you’ve been working on for the past six months. It’s taking place in your abundance and security sector, meaning that you’re opening up a portal to a whole new dimension when it comes to how you think about wealth, how you manifest wealth, and how you emanate wealth. Farewell to scarcity-based thinking that kept you limited in thought and action. You’ve reached a new level of consciousness. Prepare for your mind to be blown by what happens next.