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June 15, 2017

We’re one day away from Neptune, the Planet of Illusion, going retrograde in the sign of Pisces. Since Neptune’s currently in a fellow Water Sign, your intuitive abilities are skyrocketing. It’s still best for you to take what you know and absorb it internally rather than react impulsively. During these next five months, Neptune Retrograde will help you have x-ray vision like never before. You’ll be able to see through people and situations, and your gut-instincts will be super heightened. The Universe is trying to show you something about the type of experiences and situations you tend to attract. If you’ve noticed a pattern that you’re ready to end, then this is the time to do some soul searching and figure out why this lesson keeps on repeating itself. It probably means you still have some learning to do. If you notice a pattern in your relationships that pleases you, keep doing your thing, with an eye on attracting more of what you love and less of what makes you feel off. And remember Scorpio, every single vibe you feel is actually born within you.

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