The Moon has shifted into Scorpio for the next 2.5 days. You are therefore literally and metaphorically feeling yourself. This is a powerful time to go after what you want, mourn what you’ve lost, and let go of what burdens you. Scorpio Moon energy, when merged with the Gemini Sun, allows you to integrate your emotional sensitivity with your intellectual awareness. Yes, you’ll be more intuitively guided these next few days, but you’re also working on making decisions that make sense to you and can contribute to humanity — not just yourself. Profound breakthroughs are on the horizon, Scorpio, in all areas of your life. Use the Moon in your sign to be more aware of the truth that exists within you, and to find ways to express that truth more consistently and fearlessly. You are loved. You are supported. There are invisible angels protecting and guiding you the entire way, each and every day.