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June 13, 2018

Happy New Moon, Scorpio! Today’s Gemini New Moon takes place at 3:43pm EST. Use the hours before that to keep organizing your home and work space, and wrapping up unfinished business. Then, once the New Moon strikes, set aside time to visualize your dream life and set intentions for what you’d like to invite into your life. Since New Moons have a six-month manifestation period, and we are at the mid-point of the year, this is a very special New Moon because whatever intentions you set today have the power to manifest beautifully by the end of the year. So where do you see yourself by December 2018, Scorpio? Do not underestimate what can be accomplished in six months. Six months is enough to radically transform any aspect of your life where you feel bored, limited, or unhappy. It all begins with the decision to do so. Once you give yourself permission to create and live out your dream life, everything changes for the better. Do so today.

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