Let the Libra Moon help you lighten the f*ck up, Scorpio. You’ve been taking yourself and life too seriously, and it’s just too much. With the Sun in Gemini and Moon in Libra, you need to integrate a greater sense of humor into life’s experiences. If you’re stressing out about situations outside of your control, it’s time to take a deep breath and ask yourself if you can address the situation from a place of greater tranquility. View any delays or frustrations as a detour to where you’re meant to be, even if the path doesn’t seem to make sense right now. We are approaching the Sag Full Moon, which means we’re in the midst of rapid transformation that may be causing us to feel restless. Take time to notice what persistently comes up as a stressor in your life — you are being called to intentionally remove or alter your relationship to those stressors. Begin by not giving them the power to ruin your day.