The month of June begins with the Taurus Moon aligning with Pluto, our ruling planet, which is currently in Capricorn. You may start off the month feeling ready to make a brand new decision, seemingly out of the blue. But in reality, even if you come off as impulsive or unpredictable to others, you’ve been processing your evolution internally for months now, and so many things have built up to this moment. It’s almost the mid-point of the year, so it’s normal to feel like you’re at a crossroads in your life, where taking a leap of faith could lead to the manifestation of your deepest dreams. Prepare for powerful waves of change and transformation to wash over you today, Scorpio. You’re ascending to new heights, and that means letting go of the familiar and being bold enough to dive into what’s new. Mars, your co-ruler, being in Cancer right now has heightened your sensitivity to what your true needs are, and there’s nothing you can do but let them be felt and pursued. This is your time to have everything you desire, and more.