Today the Pisces Moon harmonizes with Uranus in Taurus, and this activates Scorpio’s sectors of adventure and partnership. You may be ready to do something spontaneous, creative and romantic with someone — that person can be yourself, or it can be a best friend or lover. No matter who you choose to indulge in connection with, be it virtual or in-person, you’ll notice that your capacity to be fully present with each other increases. The magic happens when you show up and pay attention to how life’s showing up for you too. These final days of Mercury Retrograde combined with today’s Moon-Uranus alignment may make you aware of connections (platonic, romantic, familial and/or digital) you once took for granted. You now mutually see each other in a way that’s enlightening and healing, even if it may take time for you to feel comfortable with each other’s gaze. Cancer Season has us out here doing heart-opening exercises whether we’re ready or not. We love to see it.