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July 9, 2019

The Cancer Sun forms an opposition with Saturn in Capricorn today. This takes place on the same day as the First Quarter Moon phase, which represents a time where we must be aware of the inner angst that exists within us, and find healthy ways to release it. Sometimes your brain will create distractions and reasons for you to stress, because it’s afraid of the magic you’ll create if you actually dedicate yourself to your passions. The Libra Moon can help you become aware of when you’ve stood in the way of your own greatness. Don’t get swept up in conversations or actions that don’t add depth or meaning to your life. This is a powerful time to focus on a creative and/or professional project that sparks joy and excitement, even if it simultaneously makes you nervous or intimidates you. We are in an eclipse passage right now, so whatever you give your attention to will grow and intensify. If you choose to give your attention to your blessings, gifts and talents, they too will magnify, and the problems you once worried about will weigh less on your mind. Watch and see.

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