The Moon shifts into Pisces for the next 2.5 days, Scorpio, and this activates your sector of fate, true love and adventure. Mercury in Cancer makes a frictional alignment to Mars in Aries today too, and since you’re ruled by Mars you may find yourself more sensitive to people and situations than you would’ve expected. Yesterday’s theme of emotional detachment will feel like a sharp contrast to today’s more potent emotional energy. One of the most productive ways to make use of any tension you may feel is to use the Pisces-Cancer combo to get creative, and make something out of nothing, just for fun. Do something today that lets your imagination run wild, without thinking of how you can monetize or amplify it. Even if no one sees your creation but you, committing to such an act of pleasure will help soothe the anxiety or stress you may have otherwise held on to. The energy of the lunar eclipse is beginning to wane, so keep floating through the feels as you stabilize yourself and clarify your path.