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July 8, 2019

What’s the key to getting over misunderstandings or miscommunication during Mercury Retrograde? Humor. Laughter. Literally laughing your ass off and giggling at life’s hiccups. Today your life may feel like a comedy. People, including yourself, may make assumptions about other people’s motives or intentions, and there’s a high likelihood that things aren’t at all what they seem. For example, someone could think that you’re playing mind games with them or playing with their heart, when in reality you’re obsessed with them and care about them so much. Mercury Retrograde has a sense of humor, and it wants to see how you react to things when life catches you by surprise. So laugh your little (or big} ass off, Scorpio. Laugh. Remind yourself and others that there’s no point in taking life too seriously. The Moon’s in Libra today too, reminding you to chill and live stress free. There’s so much more to life to see. So let things be.

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