Today is 7/7/2020, which is a powerful “9” day in numerology — this is a day of spiritual alignment and deep healing. You may find that the Aquarius Moon provides you with the emotional detachment necessary to ride these post-eclipse waves without being overwhelmed by them. You’re starting to clear out the people and situations you were previously confused or unsure about, and this helps make room for the ones that never left you in doubt. The days after a lunar eclipse are all about continuing the process of shedding dead skin, and doing so with the awareness that the new you you’re morphing into is even more brilliant than the one you’ve left behind. Cancer Season is teaching you how to truly tap into the power of your intuition and let it lead you to who and what is meant for you. Today’s Cancer-Aquarius combo is here to show you that the more you practice letting go, the more you’re able to intentionally receive.