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July 7, 2019

Mercury’s 3-week retrograde begins today, and we’re also still feeling the effects of the Solar Eclipse in Cancer that took place earlier this week. So much has happened in the past few days, so use the Moon in Virgo to stop rushing, and simply take everything in. You’ll be feeling a blend of sensitivity and practicality today. You may be in the mood to organize your life, while also getting lost in memories of past experiences. It may be a bit challenging for you to strike a balance between these aspects of yourself, so it’s best to accept your duality rather than try to control it. If you haven’t yet set New Moon intentions, you may feel the urge to do so today. Think about what you most crave in your life right now. Not as much in terms of material or financial gain, but rather focus on how you want to feel more consistently. Imagine yourself already feeling that way, and keep that vibration within you as you navigate the day. You’ll start to notice doors and pathways opening up for you during this retrograde, and it’s all because you’re paying more attention to your intuition and its guidance.

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