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July 31, 2018

On this final day of July, the Moon and Neptune intertwine in the sensitive, whimsical sign of Pisces. This can lead to you getting lost in daydreams or romantic fantasies instead of focusing on more practical matters. Allow yourself this escapade, Scorpio… You’ve been super serious all month long, getting things in order and working on bettering your life. So indulge in your more sexy, escapist tendencies. Today’s vibes are all about not taking yourself or others too seriously. Release expectations and go with the flow. If you feel the urge to text your crush, do so. If you want to write a song or poem to express the deep feelings lingering within your heart, do so. The recent eclipse has helped you break free from your own self-imposed limitations and dare to become more vulnerable and transparent with what you truly feel. It will feel liberating to end July on such a carefree note.

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