We’re one day away from the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Capricorn, and since these lunar energies tend to be felt most intensely in the days that precede the full moon, you may feel quite activated by the eclipse today,  particularly due to a square that Neptune, the Planet of Fantasy, makes to the Sag Moon this morning. This can lead to brain fog, or a feeling of having to do too much at once. Have you committed to too many responsibilities, Scorpio? This full moon is the opportunity to start taking some off your plate, and truly assessing what’s worth your time and energy. Clear your timelines of uninspiring content, delete subscriptions that you never use, remove contacts and photos that you’re hoarding for nostalgic purposes, organize your inbox, your office, and your home. This weekend’s Capricorn eclipse has the power to help you attract abundance and prosperity in a more consistent way, but first you have to get rid of the dead weight and understand when you’ve been avoiding your own success due to the comfort of familiarity. Those days are over baby. Step into your destiny.