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July 3, 2019

Venus, the Planet of Love and Attraction, shifts out of airy Gemini today and enters Cancer for several weeks. It seems like the Universe is showering us with Cancer energy to teach us how to face our own emotional natures and stop viewing them as something that burdens us. Instead, knowing how we feel and why we’re feeling that way is a liberating way to live. Flip the switch and start viewing your feelings as friends, guiding you to your truth. Venus in Cancer brings out the hopeless romantic in us all, but at first it may take some time for you to accept this, Scorpio. A part of you may be clinging on to old patterns of self-protection, such as keeping a guard up or coming off as cold when in reality you’re craving connection and intimacy. Yesterday’s Solar Eclipse in Cancer shook you out of your comfort zone by inspiring you to love and live differently. This is something that will play out over the course of the remaining six months of the year, and Venus in Cancer serves as training ground when it comes to letting go of old stories and daring to let yourself live out a new one. You will fall more deeply in love with yourself during this transit, and that is the secret to the Universe falling more deeply in love with you.

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