Today you may find yourself acting in opposite ways than you told yourself you’d act. This is most likely due to the fact that we’re in the final days of Mercury being retrograde in Cancer and increasing feelings of nostalgia in your life. Don’t beat yourself up about anything, instead be a curious observer of your own motives and intentions… You are a complex, changing being, Scorpio. Embrace your multitudes, especially since the Moon is currently in the adaptable sign of Gemini. Venus, the Planet of Love, shifts out of Cancer and enters fiery Leo for the next few weeks, and this will help boost you into a more empowered and confident mood as you round out the month. This is a good day to go out, say yes to social events, have fun switching up your style (perhaps by looking back at past styles you wore before and revamping them), and let yourself be seen. Embody Leo Season energy and shine with the knowledge that living a passionate, joyful life is your birthright.