The Moon has entered Taurus, and today it connects with Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, which is also in Taurus. Life may catch you off guard today. You may catch yourself off guard with some of the statements or actions you take. Keep in mind that Mercury is still retrograde in the sign of Cancer for 6 days, and it’s Leo Season, which means the Universe is a blend of moody and dramatic. This can make for a pretty entertaining combination, but it can also become disastrous if you or others in your life lack a sense of humor and fail to be flexible with each other. Use today’s connection between your ruler Mars, currently in Leo, and Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, currently in Sag, to shift your attention away from nonessentials and instead focus on money-making ventures that speak to your soul. This last week of July will test your ability to stay committed to what you said you wanted. Wishing is not enough. Intentional action is what creates the magic. Instead of getting distracted by low vibrational energy, choose to flow at your own frequency, and inspire the world in the process.