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July 21, 2020

The freshly new moon, now in the fiery sign of Leo, is activating Scorpio’s sector of reputation and career today. Since today is also the last day of Cancer Season, we’ll find ourselves feeling both ultra sensitive and ultra activated. Yesterday’s new moon energy helped us see that in order to birth a new world, we have to be willing to go through growing pains and learn from them, without being defined by them. Today the Leo Moon makes a frictional alignment to Uranus in Taurus, meaning that having uncomfortable discussions with friends, family members or coworkers could actually lead to a surprising amount of growth and a profound perspective shift, in a short amount of time. Now that Chiron, the asteroid that represents our inner wounds, is retrograde in Aries until the end of the year, we’re moving away from passive-aggressive forms of communication, and learning to make sure our needs are met and our feelings are expressed. This way of moving through the world is truly a breath of fresh air, Scorpio, and it will lead to you getting what and who you want with greater ease, as if by magic. Set your new moon intentions if you haven’t yet…

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