Happy Cancer New Moon, Scorpio! Today’s New Moon takes place at 1:33pm EST, in the final degrees of Cancer. Being mellow and soft with yourself and others is a powerful way to welcome this energy, particularly since the Sun and Saturn form an opposition later today. Now that we’ve made it to the other side of eclipse season, today’s New Moon invites us to slow our roll and bask in how far we’ve come since the start of the year (it was eclipse season back then too). Chances are, Scorpio, you feel like a completely new person. There were situations and partnerships you tolerated back then that you’d never give your attention to now. There were opportunities you shied away from in January due to self-doubt that are now abundantly falling into your lap because you’ve leveled up spiritually, mentally and psychologically. Many of us have experienced a financial come up too, and if you’re still waiting on that, set new moon intentions this week that have to do with expanding your capacity when it comes to visualizing the wealth you’d like to welcome. Breaking free of limiting mindsets takes patience, faith and a commitment to the life you’re building, Scorpio. You’re divinely supported each step of the way. But it’s up to you to take that first step, and keep going.