Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, has re-entered Capricorn after having shifted to Aquarius on March 21st. Saturn will spend its final stretch in Capricorn from July 1, 2020 to December 17, 2020. This transit activates Scorpio’s communication sector, so think back to the lessons Saturn in Capricorn has been teaching you these past two years in terms of sharing more of what’s on your mind and accepting the fact that you’re a genius that often is ahead of the crowd. Saturn in Capricorn will have you working diligently behind-the-scenes on creative and community-based projects that have the power to change the world in long-lasting, sustainable ways. While there may be times when you take life a bit too seriously under this transit (particularly since Saturn is still retrograde for several months), it’s ultimately going to help you boss up, stop procrastinating, and become more focused on your long-term goals than you have in a while. This is your chance to prove to your inner child that you can reparent yourself and gift yourself the life you’ve always wanted.