Today’s planetary square between Neptune in Pisces and the Gemini Moon makes it challenging to know what’s real, and what’s an illusion, Scorpio. The weekend begins on a bit of a mentally scattered note for that reason, so try not to pile too many responsibilities on your plate today. You’ll be more in the mood to tie up loose ends rather than start anything new, especially since Neptune is currently retrograde in your sector of adventure. As we approach the second consecutive Cancer New Moon of the year, you’ll notice your body giving you signals to slow your roll and mellow out. Today’s one of those days, so start to distance yourself from unnecessary pressure or anxiety by cultivating a “happy place” in your mind or in a physical space in your home / office. Go there whenever you start feeling overwhelmed, and surrender to what it feels like to simply be. Once we make it past the dark-of-the-moon period, you’ll realize why all of these revelations and life-altering experiences have been occurring in your life. It will all make sense soon.