Told ya you’d make it through both eclipses of the month, Scorpio. You did that. So just chill out today and celebrate yourself. Know how limitless you are. Embrace your rebirth. The Full Moon, eclipse, and retrograde season are recreating you. In a way beyond what you ever imagined you’d be. Scorpios felt this eclipse most potently in their communication sectors. You know all those thoughts and feelings you keep locked up within you, because your fear of vulnerability causes you to hide a part of yourself that deeply yearns to be seen? This eclipse is leading them to come to the surface of your life, and the more you welcome these revelations, the more aligned you will feel, because you aren’t denying your truth. You are in a metamorphosis that may at times feel overwhelming, my love. But you are divinely loved, and divinely supported. Keep loving yourself fiercely and sharing your light with others.