The Moon shifts into Gemini today, activating Scorpio’s sector of merging, intimacy and abundance for the next 2.5 days. This serves as a welcomed breath of fresh air during these final days of Cancer Season. Try not to take yourself or others too seriously today, Scorpio. The more you can laugh at yourself and life’s unpredictabilities, the more you’ll be able to mellow out and remember that showing up in the best way you can right now is a success in itself. We’re in the midst of a global revolution and awakening. Things get shaky and life doesn’t always make sense. Indulge in the things that do — such as seeing someone you love smile, or being inspired by a piece of someone’s imagination — perhaps your own. With Cancer Season activating Scorpio’s sector of spirituality and expansion, today’s vibes invite you to chill with your inner child and let them know that life’s still your playground, and they deserve lightness. Breathe… and go play.