We’ve finally made it to the second eclipse of the month. There’s no need to do a huge ritual today — all you have to do is let yourself feel whatever comes up. Don’t focus on manifesting, focus on accepting and releasing what’s being shown to you right now. Capricorn energy, just like Scorpio, tends to seek control of their environment and their relationships. It makes them feel safe. But since this Lunar Eclipse is a supercharged Full Moon, and Full Moons represent closure and endings, it indicates that we are learning to relinquish control. We are learning to be okay with things going differently than expected, or people showing us a side of them we aren’t used to. We are discovering sides of our own natures that were previously foreign to us, so how can we expect others to remain the same or not surprise us? Being radically honest with yourself about what you’re currently experiencing is essential to making it through this eclipse, Scorpio. Journal, schedule a therapy session, or dive into creative work that reminds you of your ability to take your ideas and turn them a masterpiece. Today’s eclipse reminds us that every challenge we face is an opportunity to soar higher and more freely than ever before.