It’s the midpoint of the month, and since this is a relatively mellow week astrologically speaking, today would be a great day to press the “reset” button on any area of your life where you intuitively know you’ve been playing it safe or haven’t been as consistent and dedicated as you could be. This doesn’t mean you have to work harder or push yourself to do more, make more, or be more. Instead it means having tough and essential convos with self where you assess what you may be putting off simply because you know you’ll kick ass at it once you actually commit. We left self-sabotage back in 2019, remember? While Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto’s current retrogrades may be tempting you to fall back into the same patterns of behavior, Mars in Aries is here to remind you to remain focused on the vision, and believe in yourself even if you have to play make-believe at first. You’re a warrior, Scorpio.