Listen to the birds chirping today if you can. Watch the leaves blowing in the wind. Savor every bite of your favorite meal. Bathe in the sun. Slow down, and center yourself. It’s really important for you to spend time on your own today, reflecting on all that’s going on within you, and how you’d like to feel about yourself most consistently. The world is a reflection of your own self-affirmations. Affirm greatness unto yourself. You are greatness, Scorpio. And beyond that. You can’t be defined, limited, or controlled. You are whatever you want to be, and that can change at any moment. You are free. We’re two days away from the Capricorn Lunar Eclipse Full Moon, which activates tremendous change in the way we communicate. This is a powerful time to clean up your home, work environment, inbox, phone contacts, and social media feed. Take stock of where you can create more room to breathe and flow. Let go of all the extra stuff — prepare for it to be eclipsed from your life. A new you is emerging.