This morning the Pisces Moon aligns with Neptune in Pisces, and this activates Scorpio’s sector of fate and adventure. Today you may be feeling romantic, dreamy, sensual and imaginative. Mars in Aries is helping you share your feels in a bold and assertive way, and this leads to forward momentum and exciting developments taking place in your connections. If you miss someone, let them know. If you’d like to connect to someone, let them know. If you’d like to explore more possibilities with someone — and that includes yourself — let them know. And if you just need time to connect with yourself and not check on anyone else, make today the day where you do so. You’re at a point in time where it’s essential that you realize that all we have is now. Putting things off til later will only backfire. Get serious about what your current passions are, and start to visualize yourself already living them out with ease.