Where Scorpios come to soar.

July 10, 2019

The Moon shifts into Scorpio this morning, and when you combine the Cancer Sun with the Scorpio Moon, you can expect things to get sultry, deep, intense and magnetic. It’s a powerful time to have a heart-to-heart with people in your life whom you crave to connect with more intimately. Take time to process what you’re truly feeling first before connecting with others though. The Universe can’t give you what you want if you don’t know what you want. The Scorpio Moon harmoniously aligns with Venus in Cancer later today, indicating that you may end the day feeling heard, respected and seen. This isn’t the time to bottle up what’s on your heart. We are 6 days away from a powerful Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Capricorn. In order to reap the abundance ready to enter your life, you have to face your truth, your shadows, your longings, your unexpressed desires, and set them free.

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