The first day of July begins with the Moon in our sign, and that’s an indication that this will be a passionate and monumental month, Scorpio. But things won’t always be smooth-sailing, especially since we’re going to experience a monumental lunar eclipse this week and Mars, the Planet of Action, is in fiery Aries. Instead of stressing yourself out by trying to control the way this month unfolds, start looking at it with curiosity, with detachment, and with a great sense of humor. 2020 has already been the ultimate trip, and we’ve just made it past the halfway mark. So be amused and intrigued by what manifestations are going to pop up this month, even if they’re full of unexpected surprises. Yes, I know Scorpios aren’t always the biggest fan of surprise, but this month’s surprises have the ability to upgrade you in more ways than one. Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and receive the rewards for doing so?