Where Scorpios come to soar.

January 9, 2018

Today, the Moon is in Scorpio, and Venus, the Planet of Love, aligns with Pluto, one of your co-rulers. People will gravitate towards you like bees to honey. You’re glowing, internally and externally, and everyone wants to know your secret. The secret is self-love, and as a Scorpio, you are a leader who leads by example. So you don’t really have to explain your dreams to people, you simply show them and let your actions speak for themselves. Your relationships and romances get a major boost today — you’ll find that people are less likely to play mind games (yourself included), and more likely to keep it real with you, which is all you ask. But if you’ve been seeking more transparency and clarity in your unions, be careful what you ask for because people will feel ready to lay it all out in the open. You’ve been on people’s mind a lot lately, and this is a week where they’ll come out of the woodwork and let you know just how much they love your energy, vibe, and overall essence. Keep glowing, Scorpio.

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