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January 8, 2019

We’re still getting adjusted to Uranus, Planet of Surprise, going direct in the sign of Aries two days ago. Uranus will spend 2 more months in Aries before re-entering Taurus and remaining there until 2026. Your sector of health, work, wellness and service is activated by this transit, so pay attention to the way your body and mind feels today. It’s likely that you need to rest and rejuvenate after an intense period of giving so much energy to others. All of the good that you’re putting out into the world will come back to you multiplied, Scorpio. But in order to truly make the most of the abundance of energy, you must sit still enough to feel it. So take a breather today. Relax and enjoy your manifestations. There are so much more to come, and you must create space to receive.

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