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January 8, 2018

Today your co-rulers Mars and Pluto align, helping you be an emotional warrior and face any hurdles in your life with ease and finesse. Just beware of your tendency to take things to extremes, Scorpio. Your patience may be running thin, and you may find yourself snapping at people if they take too long to get it together. Just focus on getting your life together, and don’t worry about other people right now. Being selfish is a good thing, especially during Jupiter in Scorpio, because you’re being asked to weed out the distractions and focus on the essentials. Plus, since Mars is in Scorpio for another 18 days, you won’t have this kind of passionate energy at your disposal near the end of the month. This week will catapult you into a new-normal where there’s a win at every corner. But you have to throw yourself in the game, and already imagine yourself as the winner.

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