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January 5, 2019

We’ve arrived to the first Solar Eclipse eclipse of 2019, and it’s also a New Moon in Capricorn. You will wake up feeling a strong urge to get your life together. You may have been self-sabotaging when it comes to amazing professional and romantic opportunities that exist. This eclipse will teach you to know your worth, and to put in the work to achieve your dreams. This is something you naturally know how to do, though, Scorpio. Don’t be so hard on yourself just because you may have had a few off days recently or because you’re burnt out and need a break. Find a balance between focusing on self-improvement, and simply accepting the messiness and chaos of what life can sometimes be. Eclipses often lead to unexpected events taking us by surprise, but whatever happens is ultimately for our greater good. Accept the fact that some things are simply outside of your control, and keep thriving.

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