Where Scorpios come to soar.

January 13, 2020

Venus, the Planet of Love and Magnetism, enters Pisces today for several weeks. This shift activates Scorpio’s sector of fate, true love and adventure. Many of us will find ourselves thinking of love and intimacy in a more soulful and dreamy way than usual. Because we’ve made it past the eclipse, we’re not even afraid of the vulnerability that we feel and desire. You may find yourself hitting up your lover or crush and letting them know exactly what’s on your heart, without trying to play it cool or see what they say first. This won’t be a heart-to-heart that you have with just anyone, though. Only those you intuitively know are worth the vulnerability. You’ve been honest with yourself about the people in your life who are more draining than fulfilling. So it’s time to redirect your energy and the love you have to give to people who reciprocate it and celebrate your existence. Your love and sex life’s about to be poppin’ if you kindly tell your ego to get out of its own way and let your heart take the lead.

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