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January 11, 2020

Wow. You’ve made it through the first eclipse portal of 2020. You not only have risen from your ashes, but you’ve risen from the chains in your own mind that once kept you stuck or self-defeatist. Because you’ve held yourself accountable for the growth you wish to see, it has no choice but to manifest. Because you’ve set firm boundaries, even with people you love, they now know how to treat and respect you, even if the only way they can do so is by letting you go. Because you’ve allowed yourself to cry, scream, vent, get angry, and energetically release pent-up emotions from your psyche, you now have made room to reset yourself, and rebuild from a new, lighter, more self-aware perspective. Life will continue to feel trippy in this post-eclipse world. Be kind to yourself and know that everything has now changed for the better.

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